Blockchain payments, but made simple

a descentralized coin, focused on community and adoption.

What is Kepler?

Kepler is the new blockchain ecosystem to accept payments 


Instant Payments

By using InstantSend, we can offer instant transactions that will make you forget you are using a blockchain. We will also create an Android app for one-tap payments.


Why Kepler?

How are we different?

Instant Payments

By using InstantSend, we can offer instant transactions that will make you forget you are using a blockchain. 

Resilent Blockchain

By using multiple algorithms, Kepler is a 51%-attack (which allow to alter transactions) resistant blockchain.

Everyone can participate

Through Argon2d4096 and Rainforest algorithms, everyone will be able to mine using any kind of device.

Descentralized Governance

One of our future plans is to implement a descentralized governance system (dGov) to finance different community projects.



Remember not to reveal your private keys to anyone!

The Team

The Kepler Team


Founder, Developer


Main Goals

Kepler Launch

12 MAY 2019
Genesis block: "05/12/2019 Bitcoin price is $7145 in Coinbase"

Community Rewards

Q2 2019

There will be rewards for doing small tasks, such as: translation, pool creations, guides related to mining and masternodes, and graphic design. We will also do random airdrops.

Q2 2019

Experimental Projects

Small experimental projects proposed by the community, such as wallet improvements, CMS integrations, and more.

Wallet Redesign

Q4 2019

The wallet will be redesigned if possible and programming libraries will be created to facilitate Kepler integrations.

Evaluate possibility of hiring developers

Q4 2019
Some future ideas are a challenge to me as a single developer, so I will hire developers if possible.


Demo InstantSend

Q1 2020

Create a POS (Point of Sale) as a demo of instant transactions integrated on a Raspberry Pi based small device.


Full KeplerPay Integration

Finish Android app, merchant-focused app, WooCommerce integration and many more.

KeplerPay Marketing


Promote the use and adoption of Kepler through advertising and benefits to merchants who want to accept Kepler.

The basics

Emission: 31 million coins (approx) in 40 years
Premine: 2%
Mining: Multi-PoW (NeoScrypt, Argon2d-4096, Lyra2CZ)
Block time: 2 minutes (6 minutes per algorithm) (2 mins * ALGO_COUNT)
Block rewards:
Mining Period 1 (1 month): From block 2 until block 21900, 50 coins per block
Rest of the emission: Emission starts at 14 coins per block and is divided by 2 every 4 years.
From block 22000, 25% of the block reward will be paid to masternodes
Then it goes up like this:
Block 27040: 30% masternodes
Block 32085: 35% masternodes
Block 37120: 40% masternodes
RPC: 12101 P2P y MNs: 12102
Testnet RPC: 12201 Testnet P2P: 12202

There is a 2% premine off the total supply, which will be used for different expenses such as development and marketing. We will also do random giveaways, airdrops and promotions.
You can get Kepler buying directly from users, mining or owning a masternode. KPL will be tradeable in exchanges in the future.
The masternodes won't recieve rewards until block 22000, approximately a month after Kepler launch. It will be announced once they are released.
A masternode costs 10000KPL, which you can retrieve once you no longer want to operate a masternode.
The masternodes are a way to get rich special P2P nodes introduced by Dash, which allow and validate instant and private paymentss. These recieve payments for contributing to the network operation, same as with miners.
You can mine on one of the mining pools listed below by following the Mining Guide instructions.
  • mining pool 1
  • mining pool 2
  • mining pool 3
Kepler has 3 mining algorithms. 2 of which are optimized for graphic cards and one which is optimized for CPU, so a simple computer can also mine.